In today’s modern globalized world, machine made mass produced products are the norm. Once a commonly available commodity, handmade products are a rarity in today’s world.
Shop at to get a handmade product specifically designed & customized as per your preferences.
Aditi & her team will create products specifically designed for your near and dear ones so that your gift becomes a lot more meaningful and unique!

We offer paper craft related items like handmade envelopes, greeting cards, handmade albums, scrapbooks, and customized party decor. We also have a range of distinctive handmade candles in our store. 

Don’t miss out on some of the exclusive Handmade Paintings & Sanjhi Art frames which adds that chic element to your Home Decor


Aditi Manduskar

Aditi hails from Mumbai and has been running a software development company for the past few years. She would like to mention that this endeavor would not have been possible without the support of her husband, her parents, in-laws and the rest of her friends and family. They gave her the required support and encouragement to explore her entrepreneurial aspirations.

Aditi hopes that you will enjoy shopping at her store. She is confident that she can realize her dreams by creating this store which combines her love for paper crafts with her years of web development experience as well as her strong desire to bring a positive change in the lives of as many underprivileged women as possible. 

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Aditi designs and creates most of the products that are sold on our website. Apart from that, she also strongly believes in providing a fair platform to low income women to be given an opportunity to sell their products around the world. We partner with specific Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) to promote the efforts of these low-income women so as to enable them to sell their products at a fair price. These women and their efforts have been at the core of Aditi’s inspiration which has led her to take the decision to create this online store for providing impetus and support for their continued efforts.

Aditi Crafts was conceived of and founded by Aditi Manduskar, of blueMango Solutions Pvt. Ltd. She feels very passionately about rekindling the art of handmade customized products. As a result, Aditi crafts was born! Aditi began her journey by creating custom handmade albums, posters, clothes, and other gifts for her own nieces and nephews. The positive response that she received from her friends and family resulted in the entrepreneur inside her taking over. After several months of training, information gathering, and experimenting with multiple mediums, Aditi has finally created this online paper craft store that is dedicated to creating eloquent customized products.

If you would like to get in touch with us for any feedback or for a customized order, please find below our contact information.

Aditi Crafts

Unit 9 Surachit Annexe
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