The Hands who weaved Aditi Crafts Pretty Handmade Rakhis

Today we would like to share something very interesting, inspiring & something which is very core to our our Mission statement or Punch Line of Limitless Creativity

We would like to introduce you to one very wonderful & courageous person today who through her actions & way of living has proven to herself & the world that – “My ABILITY is STRONGER than my DisABILITY”

She is someone who is a living proof of all the popular & motivating quotes that we come across about Success & Never Give Up Attitude, no matter what the challenges are!


Mrs. Karandikar who lives in Thane, Maharashtra, India is a lady who was born with speech and hearing impairment.

No matter what the challenges she has taken it in her stride to become Independent by pursuing her passion for creativity. She is extremely creative and has a flair for all sorts of handmade art like Stitching, Embroidery, Rangoli.
She is married to a gentleman who is also hearing & speech impaired. It is through their hard work & ‘Never Give Up’ attitude that they have both built a very simple yet beautiful & inspiring life together. They have 2 kids, who are also very settled and thriving in their lives.

I have been visiting and buying items from Mrs. Karandikar since I was 15 years old. I have always felt this strong urge to help her showcase her art. Aditi Crafts provided the perfect platform for it!

Our Handmade Rakhi Collection (please click here to check Aditi Crafts Handmade Rakhis) is completely designed & hand woven by Mrs. Karandikar.

Aditi Crafts Team’s efforts are to ensure that her art gets a correct platform and exposure. In order to do that we have tried to give a professional touch to her art, maintaining the simplicity & elegance of the design itself. Their creativity inspires us & pushes us to grow.

I would like to end this note/ post with a very relevant & heartening quote “Kindness is a Language the Dumb can Speak and the Deaf can Hear & Understand.”Mr. Christian Bovee

I invite all you readers to check out our Rakhi Collection & encourage this Amazing Lady’s efforts to be come Independent despite all the challenges & obstacles Life threw in her path!

Happy Shopping at 🙂

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