Aditi Crafts – Limitless Creativity : The reason behind this initiative

Hi there!

I am Aditi Manduskar and Aditi Crafts is one of my Dream Ventures.

Aditi Crafts is an online store/ brand for handmade and hand crafted items.
Our current product range includes Candles, Paper Crafts – Greeting Cards, Envelopes, Scrapbooks, Hand bags, Paintings, Handicrafts, some Traditional items (which are quite rare nowadays) and other cool stuff like customised iron-on t-shirts & onesies.

I have always been passionate about  handmade “customised” products.
To this date I have kept all the handmade greeting cards that I have received on every birthday or Good-luck wishes before an exam or Congratulatory cards for different occasions.  It just holds a very special place in my heart.
As a child I remember fiddling around with craft paper and making paper bags or creating scrapbooks & journals out of news paper cuttings etc… But I was never good at drawing stuff which I think was a prerequisite for pursuing a career in Art & Creative field at that time.

While pursuing my Management Studies I had met up with several professionals for career guidance and asked if I can combine my academics subject – Business Management and passion for creativity but I got appalling looks and people telling me that I had chosen the wrong faculty for studying. Given my age, most believed I was confused. Maybe at that time I was confused and definitely inexperienced. But a different approach may have helped.
So today if someone comes to speak to me with such questions, I think I may not completely shut them down. I would like to invite them to check all the possibilities without losing focus.

Irrespective of what my career guidance professionals told me, I managed to combine my academics and passion by offering Online Marketing & Graphic designing services in my software development company – blueMango solutions. It was an exhilarating experience and I enjoyed every bit of it.

But this still didn’t suffice my appetite for creating handmade items. And during one such time when I was visiting one of my best friends Gunjan Parulkar she hand wrote me a note with an excerpt from Pu La Deshpande’s writings about How to live Life to the fullest & pursue your creative aspirations. I think that was the trigger point to revive my passion for creating hand made articles.

I started with creating custom handmade scrapbooks & albums as gifts for my new born nieces & nephews. This soon grew to customised banners, handmade decor for Baby Showers & Birthdays, clothes (like t-shirts & onesies). The positive response that I received from everyone around was very motivating. This pushed me into going in for some professional workshops, information gathering & experimenting with multiple mediums.

I like to be believe that I am entrepreneur at heart.  So the immense support and encouragement that I received from my family and friends was an impetus enough to explore the possibilities of merging this creative passion with my entrepreneurial spirit. And that’s how the idea of starting Aditi Crafts was conceived. But there was still something amiss for me to drive it as a business. The true inspiration came when I visited a NGO in Gujarat.  I met some incredibly talented women from rural parts of Gujarat who were all from low-income families. Thanks to the efforts of some benevolent people, these ladies were taught tailoring & embroidery skills to make professional hand bags.  And that’s was the drive I needed to realise Aditi Crafts as a business.

So Aditi Crafts is a venture where the essence is to give a fair platform to the underprivileged ladies by training them & enhancing some of their skills to help them become Independent.

Aditi Crafts product range is an amalgamation of my creative passion and the effort of our team which includes some wonderful, hard working & very talented group of ladies. These ladies seem to have a natural artistic flair which emerged as soon as I started training them on some basic skills like making candles, greeting cards, scrapbooks etc…
We have also partnered with some NGO’s with similar initiatives to promote the efforts of the low-income women & empower them to become independent!

I hope you that you like reading the story of our store Aditi Crafts and on behalf of all of us here at Aditi Crafts – we hope you like our products & ideas. Happy Shopping at!

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